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Night Photography Classes

 The High Sierras are a fantastic place for you to learn to shoot night photography. The area around the field campus will provide us with a tremendous amount of opportunity to hone your skills. Whether you are just beginning in photography or if you feel very competent with your photography skills this course will offer you the opportunity to collaborate with others to learn new skills. During the hands-on portion of the class we will be visiting different locations every night to practice different techniques as well as different lighting situations. Afternoons will consist of hands on learning of how to use your cameras, how to edit your photos, and how to take better photographs. Mornings you will be free to do what you like, (Even join for a sunrise photography session if you feel like burning the candle at both ends). You don’t need to own a nice camera to take this course, but it is highly recommended that you borrow or rent one for the duration of the course.

Please join us,

Scott Fin... & Brennan Wenck-Reilly

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